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As part of Air Academy High School’s 60th Anniversary, we honored at Homecoming distinguished alumni, faculty, and staff representing Air Academy’s 60-year history. A tradition was born, and now every year we recognize Distinguished Kadets who represent the Kadet Spirit.


The criterion for honoring faculty and alumni at homecoming:


  • Distinguished themselves while a member of AAHS
  • Distinguished themselves in their chosen profession
  • Have made contributions of mankind/engaged in exemplary community service
  • Alumni to be honored will be chosen on a ten-year rotation by the year of their graduating class, i.e., honorees for Homecoming 2018 will be selected from classes graduating in the years ending in “8” (1958, 68, 78, 88, 98, 08).


  • At least five years of service to AAHS
  • At least five years removed from employment at AAHS
  • Distinguished career in the field of education or as a support staff member
  • Annually, a maximum of four living faculty or staff members will be honored at homecoming and a maximum of two faculty and staff may be honored posthumously.


  • Kadet Legacy annually appoints at least three committee members. 
  • All past honorees are part of the selection/nomination committee.
  • Alumni, former faculty/staff, and current faculty/staff members are welcome to nominate candidates to be honored. They may do so via email to All nominations must be received prior to the announced meeting date. Nominations should include current contact information for the nominee.
  • The homecoming honorees selection committee will meet in the spring prior to the fall homecoming event to receive nominations and to select honored guests for homecoming.
  • Annually, the committee will select two graduates from each of the years to be recognized. Therefore, twelve alumni should be honored at homecoming. 
  • Current voting members of the Kadet Legacy Foundation Board of Directors or the selection committee are not eligible for recognition.

Adopted:  June 29, 2018 (Kadet Legacy Board of Directors) 




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