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The Next Evolution

For over 60 years, Air Academy High School has thrived because of our community’s love and support for our school. From the founding families of the Air Force Academy to the neighborhoods of Black Forest, Woodmen Valley, Rockrimmon, Pine Cliff, and others, our Kadet Community has always supported our school, “as a matter of pride.” Kadet Legacy is the next evolution of that community love and support. 

The 60th Anniversary

In June 2017, a 60th Anniversary Committee formed with Air Academy alumni, former faculty and staff, and Air Academy’s administration team. To connect Kadets across the generations to the anniversary a vision formed of a yearlong celebration with an online Kadet community website and culminating 60th Anniversary Gala. A separate entity was needed to fund and create the website and Gala, so Kadet Legacy Association was born.

During the 2017-2018 60th Anniversary school year, over 1,500 Kadets connected to the celebration and made the following possible:

  • Over $1,000 raised for the Asbury/Duffner Scholarship Fund
  • $500 awarded to students in the 60th Anniversary Photo Contest
  • Over 100 Kadets participated in the 1st Annual Alumni Homecoming Rally, establishing the tradition of recognizing Distinguished Kadets
  • Over 200 Kadets attended the 60th Anniversary Gala, honoring current and former faculty and staff with complimentary tickets

The 2017-2018 60th Anniversary Committee:60th Gala Crowd and Stage

  • Blue Anderson, Air Academy High School Administration
  • Paul Angelico, Kadet Legacy Association, Former Faculty
  • Mike Burns, Kadet Legacy Association, Former Faculty
  • Julie Fairley, Kadet Legacy Association, Former Principal
  • Robin Koldenhoven, Air Academy High School Administration and Alum Class of ‘88 (Now Principal at Aspen Valley Campus)
  • Mike Lynch, Kadet Legacy Association, Former Administration
  • Tori Martinez, Kadet Legacy Association, Alum Class of ‘89
  • Tiffany Noelle, Kadet Legacy Association, Alum Class of ‘98
  • Dan Olson, Air Academy High School Principal
  • Greg Pierson, Kadet Legacy Association, Former Principal
  • Mark Wahlstrom, Air Academy High School Administration (Now Principal at Discovery Canyon Campus High School)
  • Sean Whitson, Air Academy High School Administration

Built with Love, by the Community

The enormous success of Kadet Legacy Association proved the positive impact an independent organization could make in partnership with Air Academy High School. In September 2018, Kadet Legacy Association became Kadet Legacy Foundation with many of the 60th Anniversary Committee members serving as the founding Board of Directors.

In 2019, Kadet Legacy reoganized as a committee in support of Air Academy High School. Serving in an informal structure, Kadet Legacy connects the Kadet Community and directs support to Air Academy High School. 


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