Distinguished Alumni


2018 Homecoming Ceremony


Left to right back row: Robert Case, Class of ’78; Brink Spear, Faculty; Rick Shaw, Faculty; Julie Foster, Staff; Judy Williamson, Faculty; Bill and Nancy Galloway, parents of Benjamin Galloway, Class of ’08; Bradley Monger, Class of ’98; Max Stucky, Class of ’68; Oleta Goodrich and family, Staff; Kent Peterson, Class of ’68. Left to right front row: Karen Brody, Class of ’78; Alli Roiko Wintterle, Class of ’08; Robin Mellon Koldenhoven, Class of ’88; Jason Buhler, Class of ’88.  Photograph courtesy of Air Academy student Dylan Bedard.

Here are the 2018 Alumni Honorees

I was privileged to be a part of a high school that not only offered me the opportunity to be involved as a three-sport athlete, but also prepared me academically for the next level.  I am grateful to all the teachers and coaches who gave me their time and attention and who believed in me.

After graduation, I played college basketball, majored in mathematics and spent eleven years as a Colorado State Trooper and eventually finished my career as a high school teacher and coach.  On a personal note, I married my high school sweetheart (48 years ago), we have two great children who then blessed us with four terrific grandchildren. It has been a fantastic ride. Thanks AAHS for the memories!



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