Distinguished Faculty and Staff


The 2022 Honorees were honored as part of a 2023 Celebration. Click here to view photos from the event

Here are the 2022 Faculty and Staff Honorees

Having received a BA from Colorado College, an MA from Colorado University, and an MAT from Beloit College, I was hired by Air Academy High School in the fall of 1979. In the early years, I coached track and boys golf and later organized the first girls’ golf team.  I taught United States history and psychology and  a few kids laughed at my jokes.  In the fall of 1985, Sue Badgett transferred from the junior high to Air Academy High.  Sue and I went on our first date in January 1986, and I’ve  been the happiest man alive for the last 37 years.  I want to thank Air Academy High School for providing me with a great career, great friends, a great family and a great retirement.



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