Distinguished Alumni


2018 Homecoming Ceremony


Left to right back row: Robert Case, Class of ’78; Brink Spear, Faculty; Rick Shaw, Faculty; Julie Foster, Staff; Judy Williamson, Faculty; Bill and Nancy Galloway, parents of Benjamin Galloway, Class of ’08; Bradley Monger, Class of ’98; Max Stucky, Class of ’68; Oleta Goodrich and family, Staff; Kent Peterson, Class of ’68. Left to right front row: Karen Brody, Class of ’78; Alli Roiko Wintterle, Class of ’08; Robin Mellon Koldenhoven, Class of ’88; Jason Buhler, Class of ’88.  Photograph courtesy of Air Academy student Dylan Bedard.

Here are the 2018 Faculty and Staff Honorees

Mike served AAHS as a building maintenance professional.  Mike was born in Taos, New Mexico and graduated from the Santa Fe Indian School.  After high school, Mike served in the U.S. Army Medical Corp.  Mike was stationed at the Schofield Barracks in Oahu, HI.  He was sent to Korea and returned to Hawaii where he completed his service.  Mike returned to Taos Pueblo and married his childhood sweetheart, Celestina.  They have five children.  Mike and his family moved to Colorado Springs where he worked on the USAFA for twenty years.   After his employment at AAHS, Mike returned to Taos Pueblo where he has proudly served the Taos Pueblo in the roles of Pueblo Sheriff, Pueblo Lieutenant Governor, two terms as the Pueblo Governor, and is a lifetime Taos Pueblo Councilman.



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