60th Anniversary Committee: Paul Angelico, Dan Olson, Mike Lynch, Robin Koldenhoven, Tiffany Noelle, and Tori Martinez. Photo courtesy of Libby Kinder, The Woodmen Edition.

Paul Angelico, Board of Directors President

My background: I was a teacher, coach, activities director, and business manager at AAHS in the 80s. I then worked a CHSAA as an assistant Commissioner, Associate Commissioner and then Commissioner.

Why I shared this photo: Not really sure but I think it shows exactly why I am on this board. 

Why I’m involved in Kadet Legacy:  During that 27 years, it became apparent to me that there are few if any schools that have the culture, traditions, and expectations that AAHS has.  As a way to give back to all that the school has taught me I was delighted to join this board.



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