Air Academy Link Crew

Remember how scary it was as a freshman in high school? These Kadets are here to help. We think they're awesome!


Air Academy's Link Crew inspires us at Kadet Legacy and we want to tell you about them. Learn more in the videos below. 

What is Link Crew?

Link Crew is a student volunteer group that helps freshmen and new students successfully transition to Air Academy High School. Join Mike Lynch, Kadet Legacy Board Director and retired AAHS Athletic Director, as he learns about Link Crew from Coordinators Joann Cassano and Maille O'Neil as well as the Link Crew Leaders. 

Who are Link Leaders?

Link Leaders are junior and senior Kadets who volunteer as mentors and friends to new students. They build connections starting on the first day of school that last throughout high school. From community events to one-on-one mentoring, Link Leaders are there to make others feel welcomed. 

Learn more in the video from Link Leaders Reaghan Dougherty, Sophia Livingston, Brittney Smith, and Courtney Wixom.  

How do Link Leaders benefit Air Academy?

Link Leaders reach out to 8th Graders at the end of the school year to welcome them to Air Academy. Starting on the first day of school, Link Leaders ensure the transition to Air Academy is smooth and positive. Then throughout the year, Link Leaders host community events to bring Kadets closer together. From hot chocolate gatherings to "Trunk or Treat", these Kadets bring the whole school together to bond.

Learn more in the video from Link Leaders Kaitlyn Hansen, Tyler L'Hotta, and Mackie Tate Tygart. 

Contribute to Link Crew


Link Crew embodies every aspect of the Kadet Spirit and Air Academy Honor Code. What they do matters and we want to help them continue their great work. As Mike Lynch points out in the video, this program impacts every student at Air Academy. 

Link Crew holds fundraisers throughout the school year. You can follow them at their social media accounts:

Twitter: @AAHSLink

Instagram: @AAHSLink

Send a Message of Appreciation

Link Crew leaders are role models for us all. In this video, Link Leader Aidan Chesemore explains how they write letters of appreciation to other students. They send letters to the faculty as well. 

Let's send them messages of appreciation for being great examples of Kadet Spirit! Write your message in the comment section below. We'd love it if you told us a little bit about you too!

Hand written messages mean a lot! You can also mail messages of appreciation at any time to:

Link Crew

c/o Air Academy High School

6910 Carlton Drive

USAFA, CO 80840

Link Crew is a great example of the wonderful things happening at Air Academy every day. Help us spread the word by sharing to your social network using the links below. Thank you for your support!




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Tuesday, 03 October 2023


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